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Sussex History

Sussex is a region steeped in history and is divided into the two counties of East Sussex and West Sussex.  Archaeological remains have been found buried in the region that date back to the Roman invasion and the Saxons.

In fact, the Romans landed on the Sussex coast and launched their invasion from there.  It was also in Sussex that sea bathing first became fashionable and people travelled from London to the Sussex coast to bathe in the cold sea for its health benefits.

The 19th Century saw the opening of the first railway line in the region extending from London to Brighton, which transformed Sussex and made it more accessible.  Other credits to the region include the building of the first cannon, which Ralphe Hogge completed in Buxted, and Oscar Wilde wrote The Importance of Being Ernest while on holiday in Sussex.  More recent history includes the great hurricane of 1987 that destroyed many of the mature trees in the countryside, and also the burning of the West Pier in Brighton in 2003.

There are some great historical venues to visit in Sussex that remind us of its past and make for an enjoyable day out. Visit Sussexforkids.co.uk to find out more about these wonderful places.

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