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Major Businesses

Sussex is an ideal business location, not only for its fast train connection to London or the fact that it has an international airport on its doorstep, but mainly because of the important business network that has established itself in the region.

There are various business centres in Sussex, the most significant of which are Brighton, renowned as a centre of enterprise and creativity, Crawley, home ofย  global players like Virgin, Thales, Toshiba, G4S and of course Gatwick Airport. East Grinstead is a rural outpost that boasts a strong business focus, Chichester, Hastings and Eastbourne are all actively encouraging businesses to grow and prosper.

More and more businesses are setting up or opening offices in Sussex, with SMEโ€™s sitting side by side large international corporations.ย  The obvious lower cost of setting up your business outside London has long been a selling point for Sussex, but it is now famed for being a significant business centre in the South East.

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