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Sussex Businesses

Sussex is one of Britain’s most successful business regions, with Crawley reputed to be one of Britain’s fastest growing towns due to its almost 100 percent employment, Gatwick airport at its heart and the popular seaside town of Brighton. On the coast, Sussex has some distinct advantages when it comes to doing business, one of these is certainly the easy access to London via the rapid and reliable train network.

Sussex is an exciting mix of old and modern with it’s winding country lanes contrasted by the gleaming glass and steel of state of the art manufacturing and office facilities.

The South East employs more people than any other region in the UK and it delivers this through its status as one of the most productive regions in terms of GDP. Services and Manufacturing form the core of Sussex Business.

Despite being in the expensive South East, Sussex also provides some excellent low cost facilities and labour markets which can benefit businesses in this region.

Businesses can take off in Sussex! Join this free business directory today and join one of Sussex’s most exciting business communities.

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