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About Us

Sussex is a thriving business region and for some time at Spiritas Marketing Agency we have felt that we should develop a way to communicate with more of the businesses based here.

At the heart of all Marketing we believe there should be a fundamental committment to adding value and we started with this question in mind:

How could we deliver real value to local businesses while at the same time getting our own marketing messages out there?

After some serious work we settled on the solution of a business portal network. There are many portals and directories now on the net but we feel ours offers some unique benefits:

  • A local business joining our portal gets a free weblink and info page, so no expensive listing fees
  • Our local focus helps keep our content and business directory relevant
  • Our site is designed to give easy access to key information
  • Cost effective advertising opportunities for businesses
  • Part of a larger and rapidly expanding business network

We hope you like the efforts we have made, we have invested a huge amount of time in the planning, development and implementation of this project and we welcome any feedback you may have for us.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our project.

James Macdonald

Managing Director – Spiritas.co.uk

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